There is nothing more perfect (or perfectly imperfect), nothing more important, than the authentic you.   All services provided by The Whistling Mystic are designed to discover and uncover the treasure that is you.   The services listing below is a general guideline of offerings.   All services can be tailored to your needs and interests.

Each will incorporate a broad study of the deeper mysteries and modalities.

Personal Consultations

1 Hour $125      1 ½ Hour $150

My favorite way to start is with your Natal Chart.

This is a personal analysis of your “soul map” ~ the blueprint of YOU.   Your “soul map” is a symbolic expression that reveals your true self, what you value, where you struggle and where you are going to go out there and shock and awe.  It points the way to hope, love and joyful living.   It is the map of the treasures within, the treasure that is YOU!

Together we will uncover your particular genius and the area in which it wants expression. Either by phone or in person, when possible, we will outline the theme of your life and your personal mission statement.    And simply because I can’t help myself, it will include some numerology too.


($20-$25 per person per class or negotiated group rate)

Once you have your chart consultation, you’ll want to learn more.   This is the really fun part!  Classes are offered that are more like parties.   I call them Stellabrations!   Stella means star in Latin and these are Stellar Celebrations.

You gather 5-8 of your friends, co-workers, or employees and learn Astrology through your own personal chart.  Each person will get a mini-reading in the area we are covering.  You will get to see your friends “speaking their chart” which gives dimension to the teachings.  Weekly classes can be structured by planet or by the twelve houses of the zodiac, etc.

Classes are flexible and mobile to meet your schedule and your interests.

Class offerings can include Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, The Enneagram, Alchemy, Sabian Symbols and more.  Stellabrations are a fun and valuable way to learn the craft and excavate your personal chart in depth with feedback from those who know you and will laugh with you.   Ok, and maybe sometimes at you.  We’re all funny creatures!  Let’s Learn & Laugh!

Parties & Events 

(negotiated rate by hour or event)

The Whistling Mystic can be booked as a fun addition to your party or event.   Want a Tarot Reader for your Halloween Party, Art Gala, Corporate Team Building / Product Launch, Wine Tasting or Aunt Ruth’s Birthday Bash?   This can be a fun addition to your celebration that will be talked about long after the party is over.   It’s a great ice breaker and always done in the spirit of fun and inspiration.

Astrology and Numerology services are also on offer for celebrations.  Let’s Party!

Gift Certificates

Give yourself or someone you care for the gift of JOY!

Personalized Gift Certificates available for all services!

A Personal Consultation makes a wonderful gift!

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver 

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